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We are Anna Ksiazek and Andrea Pucci, a couple who more than a year ago decided to go around the world with the aim of looking for changemakers, people who change our world for better in the different corners of our planet. The first nine months of the journey are already behind us. We visited nine countries in South East Asia, we interviewed more than hundred people who make the difference. In the next future we want to keep collecting stories from other Asian countries but, above all, put into action our new idea: the Changemaker Course. Based on the many interviews we made thus far as well as our experience as trainer and coach, we prepared a 6-days course, which aim is to provide knowledge and skills to those who want to make a change. The first two pilot editions will take place this summer in Poland. The novelty of the course lies on its itinerary nature. We will bring our know-how with us organizing the course wherever there’s energy for a change, that is the world over!

We believe there is a need for a mobile Changemaker Course for several reasons. Instead of organizing a course in one place somewhere in the world hoping that many people manage to come, we want to reach out those people  interested in making a change directly in their own communities. Thanks to that we will be able to get to more people, but also to adjust our course to local context and needs. Each course will be prepared in collaboration with a local organization. In this way, we will be also able to build a community of changemakers living in the same area, who can support and collaborate with each other after the end of the course and in the long run. Our experience shows that often participants of courses organized in one place come back home where the reality is still and in addition to the challenges involved with making a change they have to face a different mindset even within their circle. Keeping in touch via Internet with like-minded people is not enough to maintain momentum and motivation. By reaching people close to their home and building a local changemakers group we will be able to avoid such a situation.


  • Stories of people who change the world in different part of our planet. We will present them in the form of GoodNewsLetter, articles, interview, blog news, movies, posts on social media.
  • A series of photos that show the changemakers’ work as well as places, cultures, and traditions we meet on our way.
  • Changemaker Courses covering at least a few hundred people, conducted in different countries.
  • Networking changemakers from all over the world.


Anna Książek, Polish

Andrea Pucci, Italian

We are:


Among our traveling experiences:

  • On foot: Camino de Santiago, Via Francigena
  • Tops: Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc, Tubkal, Olimp
  • Hitchhiking: Balkans, Georgia, Iberian Peninsula
  • Living in other countries: Italy, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, France, England
  • 9-month travel around South East Asia in search for changemakers

Social activists

We work for human rights, environment, responsible consumption and solving social problems in a broaden sense. Since years we collaborate with international organizations (see below) which make this world a better place.


During our journey  we tell in many different forms the stories of the changemakers we meet. We prepare articles, interviews, one-pagers, quotations, oral storytelling, photos presentations, movies. We want our stories to inspire others, motivate them and light the spark to make them creating their own stories.


Among us Anna is the one that since years is involved in organizing workshops, training, and coaching sessions. She works mostly in social sectors, preparing leaders and supporting activists. More about her experience here.


  • Because during last 9 months we proved that our idea works: we provide the inspiring stories, we support changemakers from all over the world and we promote the idea of exchange and sharing economy.
  • Because being a part of our project you will regularly receive stories of changemakers from all over the world. You will receive them by email in the form of GoodNewsLetter; you will be also able to read about them on our website and social media.
  • Because thanks to your support people from all over the world will be able to join the Changemaker Course and learn how to change the world, the same world you are living in. Those people who, for example, protect the forest in Indonesia are working also for you and for the air we all breath.
  • Because we will support also you if one day you decide to change the world yourself. We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience and connect you with other changemakers who may have the same challenges or who may have solved the problems you are facing now, or who can just support you as like-minded people.
  • Because only together we can make a real change.



ashoka picscout








Our method of travel is exchange. We offer our sills (e.g.. storytelling, organizing Changemaker Course, but also teaching English, working on farming, cooking…) in exchange for a place to stay and food. This system allows us to reduce the budget. But it is also a straightforward path to enter into a community, become part of it.

We move mostly by land using public transport, hitchhiking or on foot. Our expenses are not very high. Last 9 months showed that this model works and in most of the case we could find organizations interested in exchange. But there are some things we can’t get this way. Above all plane tickets, visas and vaccinations.

  • Plane tickets to India for two people (where we restart our travel in November 2016): 750 euro
  • Vaccinations: 150 euro

All in all it’s 3600 zloty (900 euro) which we want to crowdfund by Polak Potrafi.

Any additional funds received will be spent on tourists and electronic stuff which get destroyed during last months of our travel as well as food and transport between projects.


Our main goal is to inspire people, so anybody supporting us, regardless the amount of money, will receive the GoodNewsLetter. Beside that, each figure has its unique reward as well as a patron chosen among the changemakers we spoke with in last 9 months.

All our rewards are either handmade by us or coming from social enterprises and changemaking organizations, so you can be sure that they are fair, environmentally friendly and supporting people in disadvantage situations.

How to support us in five steps:

1. Select your reward of choice among those listed below, then click HERE to get to Polak Potrafi website.
2. In the site, on the right side, there is a column of gray tabs describing the rewards. Click on the amount in you decided to donate (reported in Zloty).
3. Register either through Facebook or through email.
4. Choose the PayPal payment system.
5. You can choose whether you to want create a PayPal account or simply use your card.


  • 5 zl (1.25 euro) FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL (Cambodia, friends-international.org) – Big hug and gratitude for ever + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 10 zl (2.50 euro) POOKPINTOKAO (Thailand, pookpintokao.com) – personal thanks on our FanPage and website + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 15 zl (3.75 euro) COIN BACK (Thailand, coin-back.com) – Coin or a stamp pad or beer or anything of similar value to your collection (or collection of someone close to you)+ the GoodNewsLetter 
  • 20 zl (5.00 euro) BOON MUENG PAK (Thailand, facebook.com/Boonmuengpak) – Amazing after-bite mosquito balm from Thailand + GoodNewsLetter 
  • 20 zl (5.00 euro) ENGAGE SPARK (Philippines, engagespark.com) – personal email and e-postcard send from chosen place/date
  • 25 zl (6.25 euro) GOOD FOOD COMMUNITY (Philippines, goodfoodcommunity.com) – Booklet of recipes from real Italian grandmother in pdf format + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 30 zl (7.50 euro) DONKEY BAKERY (Vietnam, donkeybakery.com) – Booklet of recipes from the visited countries in pdf format + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 35 zl (8.75 euro) POSITIVE INTENTION (Singapore, pipl.com.sg) – personal thank you video filmed specially for you from a visited country of choice + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 40 zl (10.00 euro) HLA DAY (Myanmar, facebook.com/hladaymyanmar) – postcard from a visited country of choice + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 45 zl (11.25 euro) CAM.CEA (Cambodia, facebook.com/CamCEA-515150781910917) – two scout gadgets (eg. scarf, ring, badge) from a visited country of choice + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 50 zl (12.50 euro) GAWAD KALINGA (Philippines, gawadkalinga.com) – handmade booklet with quotes and sentences discovered in the visited countries + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 55 zl (13.75 euro) THABARWA CENTER (Myanmar, thabarwa-nmc.blogspot.com) – calendar with images from the trip + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 55 zl (13.75 euro) PLAN PLANETA (Poland, planplaneta.com) – amazing, ecological socks + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 60 zl (15.00 euro) ANGKOR HUB (Cambodia, angkorhub.com) -DVD with all the photos and movies from the expedition + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 70 zl (17.50 euro) TANDEMIC (Malaysia, tandemic.com) – Skype conversation from a place of choice. We will answer every question!  + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 80 zl (20 euro) PONSADAN Art Gallery (Myanmar, pansodan.com) – handmade photo album of the trip + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 100 zl (25 euro) OUR BETTER WORLD (Singapore, ourbetterworld.org) – handmade book with a collection of the most interesting changemakers’ stories met during the expedition + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 100 zl (25 euro) WEDU (Thailand, weduglobal.org) – handmade special edition of the book: stories of female changemakers + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 150 zl (125 euro) ALWAYS READING CARAVAN (Thailand, alwaysreadingcaravan.org) – Both handmade books (changemakers’ stories and the special edition with the stories of female changemakers) + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 200 zl (50 euro) CHANGE BUG (Singapore, changebug.co) – Life or business coaching session + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 300 zl (75 euro) MaD CLUB FOR CHANGE (Thailand, madeehub.com) – Presentation of memories and effects of our expedition + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 400 zl (100 euro) DIGNITY KITCHEN (Singapore, dignitykitchen.sg) – Special, private presentation of memories and effects of our expedition combined with an exclusive dinner + the GoodNewsLetter
  • 400 zl (100 euro) INLE SPEAKS (Myanmar, pfchange.org/about/pfc-projects/inle-speaks) – Workshop within the Changemaker Course + GoodNewsLetter
  • 500 zl (125 euro) MAKESPACE (Malaysia, makespace.my) – One full day of workshops selected within the Changemaker Course and/or presentation of the travel and/or coaching, all tailored to the needs of the participants + GoodNewsLetter
  • 800 zl ( 200 euro) IMPACT HUB (Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, impacthub.net) – Two full days of workshops selected within the Changemaker Course and/or presentation of the travel and/or coaching, all tailored to the needs of the participants + GoodNewsLetter





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